Fredo Is Ready To Make To Make That ‘Change’ In New Visual

West London’s own Fredo is back with new single ‘Change’.

Highly respected when it comes to UK Rap, Fredo has continued to build momentum and acclaim for his style since the release of his break out track ‘They Ain’t 100’.

Swathed in gems and designer Fredo comes through with the hood swag on ‘Change’. Lyrically, he’s determined to leave the street life behind and there’s no doubt about the loss and pain found in a life on the roads. Fredo faces it head on addressing the bravado required to make it through:

Put my brother in jail said he’s serving drugs
But that’s work to us
So I hide the pain through these designer frames
Bro died and I put him on a diamond chain
Came outta jail to a mic and stage
And it’s different from the trap but I like the change

‘Change’ follows the release of his debut mixtape ‘Get Rich or Get Recalled’, watch the new video from Fredo below;