Frisco & Shakka Mash Up ‘A Different Kind’

Creating something from nothing, that’s the independent grind that personifies the integrity behind BBK, and why they’ve got all the elements that make them very ‘Different Kind’ of G’s. Boy Better Know’s Big Frisco is now entering the ring to throw some heavy weight with his latest cut featuring Shakka.

Fresco & Shakka, teamed up earlier in the year on Shakka’s banger ‘Rollin’ with Elephants’ and ‘Different Kind’ is released on Boy Better Know, with Big Fris taking on a different kind of flow while Shakka’s laying down the hook.

Individually and as part of the biggest grime collective, Boy Better Know, Frisco has an impressive legacy within the scene which continues with his most recent venture – the successfully launched ‘The Den’ at the Old Blue Last in London; a monthly event rammed full of grime and UK hip-hop acts.