Future & Drake Get ‘Used To This’

Following the success of the unlikely duo’s collaborative album, ‘What A Time To Be Alive’, Future and Drake have blessed us with a few bits here and there, the most prominent being Drake’s Southside-produced-banger off ‘VIEWS’ – ‘Grammys’.

This time, however, Future returns the favour: ‘Used To This’, a track likely to feature on Future and Zay’s heavily anticipated follow-up tape, ‘Beast Mode 16’, taps Drake for some more of the duo’s piano-infused crooning.

Despite the bangers, critics complained that ‘WATTBA’ struggled to realise any real chemistry between the pair – sounding more like a Future LP with Drake bolted on. Perhaps the duo’s critics can fuck off for this one – crooning, winning and Zaytoven are the only cohesions this pair need.

While Zaytoven initiates the track with some of those elegant, ‘Too Much Sauce’ keys, Drake and Future trade melodies like one-two passes for the duration – doing that thing where they make the whole track sound like one exquisite, seamless hook. The chemistry’s real – check the Elf Rivera directed video above.