Future Hustling Till ‘Last Breath’ For ‘Creed’

Future’s got angels and love all around him and with Metro Boomin’ on production that’s not off the mark with his new track ‘Last Breath’, coming of the ‘Creed’ Soundtrack.

The ‘Rocky’ film series has passed from generation to generation and now with 40 years under it’s heavyweight belt – the seventh story passes from retired Rocky Balboa to training the next fighter in  Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis. Michael B. Jordan, who’s previously starred in Fantastic Four is featured as Adonis and of course Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as champ Rocky Balboa but now retired.

Taking it to a whole other level, Future links up again with Metro Boomin, reworking the theme song to the Rocky films ‘Gonna Fly Now,’ and giving it a new lease of life with ‘Last Breath’. Keeping it young and delivering the kind of motivation to get a new generation into those cinema seats, the Rocky film hasn’t taken it’s last breath, the series looks to keep fighting on as the 2nd trailer is unveiled later today.