Future Is Ever Present

Ever present every week in headline after headline, Future is here everywhere you turn you head, you’re hearing, seeing or wanting to know more about what Future is coming with next.

As he celebrates his birthday today, he wraps up a week gracing the cover of Mass Appeal dropping all kinds of soundbites and spurring more rumours after dropping the 9th video ‘Rich $ex’ from his no.1 US album ‘DS2’. Supposedly outing TMZ’s favourite rumoured new relationship with Blac Chyna, Future looks like he’s having the last laugh between the sheets in this steamy new video that’s got all kinds of tongues wagging.

For what’s been less than a year, when he went back to the Future that his fans loved, his career has made a complete turnaround certifying him as the hardest hustler in Hip-Hop and currently one of the hottest artists on the planet next to Drake in 2015. As it goes, apparently sex, drugs and the pursuit of money all still sell sell sell.

Future was born to reign and he’s reached the upper echelons of Rap icons on his own terms, with two No.1 albums in ‘DS2’ and ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ this year, everyone’s seen the darker side of his hustle but it finally looks like he’s enjoying a little more ‘Rich $ex,’ in his new video . Check out the track commentary on ‘Rich $ex’ below and all that ‘Rich $ex’ everyones talking about in his new video above.