G-Eazy Is Facing Up To Me, Myself And I

So what’s up with rappers wanting to confront their multiple persona’s in a bathroom? Young Thug’s had a moment with his double in the video for ‘Best Friend‘ and now G-Eazy’s gone in one extra with a trio of selves in his new video ‘Me, Myself and I’.

G-Eazy has hardly had a questionable start in the game but it’s not been one without challenges and as far as he’s concerned “if you can make it through the fires of rapper hell and you can come out alive, you only get stronger”. There’s a fire’s burning in his soul on ‘Me, Myself and I’, and either he’s realised the trappings of fame and fortune or he’s finally putting to bed some of those demons inside.

Putting out his sophomore album ‘When It’s Dark Out’, G-Eazy isn’t without the pressure to top his debut, but ‘Me, Myself and I’ is straight up built for radio with a hook that catches from Bebe Rexha. If there’s a classic life lesson from time, it’s still the ‘be careful what you wish for’, check out what’s got G-Eazy feeling conflicted in the video above.