G-Eazy Returns When Its Dark Out

G-Eazy has made it through the fires of rapper hell, and announced his 2nd coming with the release of his sophomore album, ‘When It’s Dark’ on December 4, check out the trailer above.

Many things have happened for the Oakland rapper since the Top 3 U.S debut studio album ‘These Things Happen’, he’s had a mighty hit with ‘I Mean It‘ and proved his worth, and now it’s time for him to show he’s got staying power. Slick, cleancut and lanky, G-Eazy has had his work cut out making sure he’s taken seriously in the game and one year on, after months of touring around the world, there’s no way he’s letting anyone second guess whether he mean’s it. Just a few weeks after leaking a triple hit on SoundCloud, G-Eazy dropped new visuals for one of the leaks You Got Me, and then swiftly announced the coming album.

G-Eazy album

In a recent profile with XXL, there’s a sense that G-Eazy is in complete storytelling mode for ‘When Its Dark Out’ and ready to let the emotional depth of Gerald come out in the 2nd part to his story, including the very personal story about the tragic death of his mother – “There’s Gerald and there’s G-Eazy—the extraordinary super-villain who gives no fucks and does whatever he wants,” he says “But I want people to identify with Gerald too. The trick is to get both sides to fit.”

So with the new record ‘Me, Myself & I’ feat Bebe Rexha, he’s ridin’ solo and rapping introspective about how his life’s changed since the fame and fortune he’s been striving so hard for, has finally materialised – “I just need space to do me get a world that they’re tryna see”.