Gallant’s ‘Ology’ Is Pure Musical Catharsis

Gallant’s eagerly awaited debut album ‘Ology’ is finally here, and it doesn’t disappoint.

We’re in an era where everything is instant, no one likes to wait anymore. But for Gallant, the alternative R&B singer hailing from LA, taking time has paid off. Gallant spent a year, huddled away in the studios building and creating this beautiful body of work. ‘Ology’ stands tall, it’s 16 tracks in length and features the talents of ZHU, STINT, Josh Abraham and Oligee, and Adrian Younge on production duties.

‘Ology’ means “a subject of study; a branch of knowledge“, and Gallant has certainly done that with music, as an album, ‘Ology’ is almost Gallant’s personal journey of study and knowledge – and it’s our chance at getting a glimpse of that.

Gallant lies within this realm of “alternative” R&B, he has a vast and impressive vocal range that gives male singing heavy-weights such as Sam Smith and Usher a run for their money. Like the meaning of his stage name, Gallant’s style is simplistic and important; he has a very good voice. Personal standout tracks include ‘Bourbon’ that shows Gallant’s impressive and powerful vocals beautifully draped over lush production. Then there’s ‘Skipping Stones’, that features the hazy vocals of Jhene Aiko, that blends so many different instruments and this crazy falsetto from Gallant at the end. And, of course, the 2015 released ‘Weight In Gold’, that will have you instantly relating to Gallant’s intense longing.

On speaking about ‘Ology’ Gallant says: I hope people take it in a way that’s as honest as I was when I was making it“, and currently on my third listen Gallant’s hopes couldn’t be any more true. ‘Ology’ is a personal musical catharsis, not only for Gallant, but for his listeners too.