Get To Know Mullally On ‘She Don’t Know Me’

With the soul of a classic crooner, Norfolk raised 21 year old Mullally may have a striking resemblance to an early JT, but he’s got so much more to offer than meets the eye. Mullally has already struck a chord with his soulful sonic escapades through a simple but solid repertoire of songs and it’s only a taster of what lies ahead for the singer.

Touring as a live bass player at over 40 festivals by the time he was 18, Mullally has hit all the right notes working his way through Music College to make a sure start on his way to conquering the industry. Now signed to Atlantic Records, Mullally is ready to kick off the next chapter with his new single ‘She Don’t Know Me’. Opening with his irresistible rich and raw vocal flair, the production lends itself to the type of feeling back when Artful Dodger were making tracks like ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On’. But don’t get confused this is not UKG in any way, breaking open the track with heavy percussion, the sound is unabashedly live soul, through and through.

As for the sentiment behind the track itself, Mullally says, “The meaning behind the song is the slight acknowledgment of someone’s presence but the total dismissal of their importance. It’s about having someone in your life that champions all others. It’s the energy, the connection and the relationship dynamism that plays between these 3 people. It’s saying that no one really compares.”