Giggs Takes Us On A Whippin’ Excursion

Some of the biggest Grime songs last year had something in common. A feature from one of the most sort after rappers in the country. Although he’s not known as a Grime artist, being the versatile artist that he is, Giggs used his artistry to demonstrate skippy flows and memorable bars alongside the likes of Grime heavyweights JME and Kano.

But Giggs is a rapper. It was only a matter of time before he went back to his roots and used his signature flow to grace a bass heavy haunting trap beat. Recently announcing the date for his upcoming album ‘Landlord’ (5th August), Giggs used social media to let his followers know that he was about to drop a new single. Hours later, on his own YouTube channel, Giggs released ‘Whippin Excursion’.

Giggs delivers his staggered flow to drops bars that will undoubtedly have his fans quoting lines in the club using straightforward lyrics as darts to match perfectly with the percussion of the production.

“Whites so clean, you know I’m flippin’ that Persil / Soon be the Million Dollar Man, like I’m living with Virgil”

If you follow Giggs on social media, you’ll know that he’s now a proud father and with one line he puts that side of his life away from everything else – “Missus in the crib, you know i’m keeping that fertile / We don’t take pictures, you know I’m keeping that personal”. This song is peppered with little gems, like the Virgil/Million Dollar Man reference although young internet g’s may need to google that one.

‘Whippin’ Excursion’ is a welcomed return for the UK rap don with a video directed by GRM’s Posty that comes with some dabbin’ and dancing to whip up the views.

‘Landlord’ is the first album from Giggs since 2013, with 14 tracks featuring guest verses from Stormzy, Dubz, Rico Love, Casisdead and Donae’o. Dropping August 5th you can pre-order it here.