Give Steve Lacy ‘Some’ Of Your Love

Steve Lacy is quite literally the coolest kid in class. As the youngest member of the uber-neo soul gang The Internet, the 18 year old multi-talented musician can already say he’s co-executively produced a Grammy nominated album, produced a song for Big Sean and featured alongside the likes of Vince Staples.

What’s even more impressive, is that the album ‘Ego Death’ by the Internet was the first project Lacy had ever produced on AND he was still in school at the time. “I had no expectations. I was going to this with a blindfold. I didn’t know. This was my first time ever, you know making music with anybody. I didn’t know what to do. They taught me everything along the way.”

Some people are clearly just born to make music, and there’s been no doubt that we’ve all been expecting big things after hearing that Lacy has traded up his position as back-up vocalist and guitarist to also drop some solo stuff. Already teasing us with ‘That’s No Fun’ earlier this year he’s now released the official video for his first solo track ‘Some’, from his upcoming project entitled ‘Steve Lacy’s Demo’.

The visual follows a typical teenage 80’s movie type of love serenade scenario (albeit with a darker twist) and we also get to glimpse of Lacy’s charisma and shyness in pursuit of a girl – beneath all that creative genius he’s still like any other teenager.

With a soul-funk sound and retro vibe – both song and video alike embody everything we love about The Internet – just without the others this time. No doubt Steve’s ability as a solo artist will not be in question and as for his production we’re not surprised about the rumours that he produced the whole song using his iPhone garage band app.  Give the video a watch at the top of the page.