GoldLink Colours Moments With Kojey Radical

Relationships are complicated, looking forward often means having to close the door to the past and ending a relationships can mean ‘And After That, We Didn’t Talk’.

Collaborating with the directing duo Rubberband, GoldLink enlists artist and poet Kojey Radical to narrate over a trio of coloured spots in orange, pink and blue, which include illustrations by Melody Hansen.

GoldLink explains the concept of the colours, “Every man has or will go through these three different relationships. These visuals embody the core of my album, ‘And After That, We Didn’t Talk.’ This is me reflecting on what I guess I learned too late.”

Kojey adds, “With this project we really wanted to explore aspects Male and Female interaction using colour as catalyst both visually, audibly and emotionally. I wanted to keep a key focus on male insecurity and highlight the manner in which we as men choose to treat women. Each video seems to resemble a fleeting moment, intensifying the dialogue with every listen. It reflects just how much the little things we say can become so much more potent the more the moments replay in your mind.

PINK: The memory of someone you didn’t deserve. Someone too good for you that you wronged just by being with them.

BLUE: The remembering of an obsession. A relationship you will inevitably, always carry a piece of. A relationship that fragments and damages you and leaves its indelible mark.

ORANGE: Equilibrium. The moment where all the noise fades away and you feel absolutely connected to that other person.