‘Guwop Home’ & ‘Now’ Gucci’s Back On That ‘Multi Millionaire Laflare’

‘Guwop home’ and he ain’t no clone, putting those conspiracy theories to bed, now #everybodylooking at Gucci Mane with the drop of his new album expected in less than 10 days.

You can’t turn around without a new Gucci track dropping on you, we’ve had back to back Gucci collabs since ‘Back On Road’ with Drake. Within hours of each other, three new tracks have surfaced from Gucci including the Young Thug collab ‘Guwop Home’ on iTunes.

While Migos released ‘Now‘ a few hours earlier with Sonny Digital on production. Sonny headed back after Wireless to link up with Guwop and told Semtex straight – “when you pinpoint everything, he was at the beginning of alot of shit bro!”

Better truss the shit’s banging, listen to ‘Multi Millionaire LaFlare’ below which is set to drop on Gucci Mane’s forthcoming album, ‘Everybody Lookingcoming July 22nd.

Gucci’s all about cashing those cheques now and getting straight back to business. Check out the new campaign ad with Supreme below which reunites Harmony Korine with Gucci Mane, after his toe-sucking role role in the film ‘Spring Breakers’.