Has Bryson Tiller Been Raking In Millions?

Every artist dreams of that one track that pushes them from nobody to notoriety and for Bryson Tiller it’s not only got him noticed, its raked in millions of plays on SoundCloud, a co-sign from Drake and Timbaland, and he’s also just landed a major label deal.

It was his 2014 single “Don’t” that got 21 year old Bryson Tiller on the radar and he’s quickly become the man who’s setting the standard for R&B and lyrically urging the ladies not to accept anything less then what he’s got to give  ‘Shawty you deserve what you been missin’, Looking at you I’m thinking he must be trippin’, Play this song for him tell him, just listen‘. There’s been a whole lotta listening and three millions plays of ‘Don’t’ on Soundcloud making it nothing short of infectious. Tiller’s just put out a video for the track and expect it to appear on his forthcoming album.

The rising singer, rapper and songwriter has created a majorly loyal base on SoundCloud, racking over 35 million streams across his entire music catalogue. His kind of ‘trap soul’ crosses the classic R&B slow jam with the hypnotic beats of the dirty South. Coming up through Louisville, Kentucky, the home of the boxing legend Muhammad Ali, Bryson dropped his first mixtape at 17 called Killer InstinctIt wasn’t instant fame and acclaim but Tiller kept it moving and soon enough when “Don’t” caught the attention of Drake – everyone was starting to take notice.

Drake dropped Bryson a Twitter DM, saying, “Man, I been f**kin’ with Don’t for months, g. Excited to hear all the new shit” and the rumours went viral from there that a deal with Drake and OVO could be imminent. Then Timbaland got in on the action fueling the social media rumour mill even further after he posted a photo of him and Tiller saying, “@brysontiller this guy rite here is the truth. Check out his single don’t it’s serious.”

Whatever the deal was then, a creative partnership with RCA is now signed and Bryson’s also just dropped a new track “Just An Interlude,” to tease the album, clocking him another 1.5 million plays on SoundCloud – damn! It’s a little mixtape throwback with a rework of Drake and Omarion’s “Bria’s Interlude” off of Drake’s So Far Gone mixtape with production credits from another 21 year old, Soulection’s J Louis.

Bryson Tiller is due to release his first 14 track album titled TRAP SOUL on Oct. 2.