Head To the Croatian Waters For Outlook Festival 2018

For even the most seasoned British festival-goer, there comes a point when wading through a piss-infested mud bath for days on end can become taxing, irregardless of how incredible a lineup is or how many pints deep you are. In this sense, Outlook is a breath of fresh air – why not take one of the most beloved British summer experiences, and put it where the sun does shine?

Located on Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, Pula provides a picturesque coastal backdrop, giving people the opportunity to see a variety of the festival’s artists on boat parties – ranging from legendary UK hip-hop label High Focus records, to the likes of Jaykae on the GRM daily boat party, to Manchester outfit Levelz.

Outlook prides itself in being Europe’s leading sound system festival, so expect booming speakers on steroids and guaranteed ringing ears if you can make it as far as 6AM. It consistently succeeds as a multi-genre festival, merging together the worlds of Hip-hop, Drum & Bass and Dubstep like they were made to co-exist. The festival boasts a variety of stages, all of which have their own defining attributes; the Clearing sits on the festival’s peninsular midway and will host headliner J Hus. The Moat is (as the name suggests) situated in an old moat and sees DJ’s playing from an elevated stage area. A similarly self-explanatory stage name is The Stables, and is the quietly the epicentre some of the best hip-hop and soulful music at the festival, providing a platform for many emerging talents such as Children of Zeus, and even overlooked veterans of the underground like Maryland native, Kev Brown.

As long as my nightly prayers to fend off the storms have had an impact, Outlook guarantees a perfect balance – warm nights accompanied by beautiful vibrations, and subsequent sunny days of recovery by crystal clear Croatian waters.

Outlook Festival takes places between Wednesday 5th September (Opening Concert) to Sunday 9th September 2018 at Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia. For the full-lineup and details about how to get festival tickets go here.