Here’s Virus Syndicate’s Reality Of ‘Rag$’ To Riches

Manc rage runs through ‘RAG$’ and Virus Syndicate are pulling no punches with their new video which takes us through the syndicates streets in Manchester.

With its punchy structure and salvo of dexterous lyricism, Virus Syndicate deliver a harsh dose of realism in an egocentric and plastic music industry.

“‘RAG$’ is about the darker side of the music industry, how we as a community of artists often lose what has really motivated and inspired us to make music in the first place,” say Virus Syndicate. “The inspiration for the song has come from seeing our peers, and at times ourselves, falling into egocentric mind state as a by-product of having success. Virus Syndicate was born in the streets of South Manchester, which was the place that originally brought us to music. The “RAG$” video sees us go back to our roots of where it all began reigniting our original passion for music and storytelling, which is a much more prevalent theme in our forthcoming album.”

“RAG$” is the first single from Virus Syndicates forth album thats due in February 2016.