Hip-Hop Is Bigger Than Rock Says Scientific Study

There seems to be an insatiable scientific fascination with Hip-Hop right now and it’s unearthing a new level of insight as recent studies reveal its actual impact on popular culture with real facts.

A study conducted by a team of researchers from Imperial College & Queen Mary University London, has recently been published in the journal Royal Society Open Science and reported in CNN. The team delved deep into data using music recognition technology and analysed more than 17,000 tracks over a 50 year period, the results mathematically proved that Hip-Hop was the single biggest event to change the structure of modern music and it’s impact has been bigger than Rock.

Another study conducted by the research department at Manchester University has delved into the poetry of rap and looked at tracks from debut albums from some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop to look at their rhyming patterns. The research has been an exploration into the vitality of rappers more popularly now regarded as modern-day poets.

Modern-day poets

This team of Linguists at The University of Manchester looked at tracks from rappers like Eminem and Public Enemy, ‘finding that the rhymes that make them superstars are so intuitive they are not within their conscious control.’

The study has now ‘proved the theory that rap’s biggest stars find their success in their ability to rhyme subconsciously’ and the researcher has discovered that ‘over 70% of the time artists used half-rhyme, such as ‘hop-rock’, rather than traditional rhymes like ‘cat-mat’. These imperfect rap rhymes are not something that you simply come up with on the spot but something that popular rap artists have the natural ability to create.’

As more studies roll in – its suffice to say that Hip-Hop has proved to be a perfect combination of mind over music.