How DJ Green Lantern Curated Obama’s Path To Presidency

Green Lantern is the DJ’s DJ. He is a legendary producer, curator, and empowerer of presidents who has toured the world several times over, created classic mixtapes, and is the only mortal to have DJ’d for three Rap Gods; Eminem, Jay-z, and Nas.

Back in 08′ Green Lantern created the ground breaking ‘Yes We Can’ mixtape for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. The work of Green Lantern and other Hip Hop artists helped Barack Obama attain the youth vote, which played a significant factor in securing Obama’s position within the white house.

Backstage at Reading Festival whilst reviewing an advance copy of ‘Hip Hop Raised Me’ book, Green Lantern reflected on how he put the mixtape together.

Will the top 5 DJ use his powers of mixing and production to empower the next president of the US? Are Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton worthy of the co-sign?

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