How The Sound Of Awful Stood

It seems like every week there is more and more music flooding out of Atlanta, and not just in quantity but in quality. A city with a roster of artists of which can’t be matched by many others, with the likes of Future, Young Thug, Migos and the list goes on.

The sound of the south is dictating the current soundscape of Hip Hop. So if you want to stick out in Atlanta you need to be doing something special. And thats exactly what Awful Records have been doing. While many Atlanta artists have gone the major label route or looked for a co sign from the heavy weights, the Awful misfits have done it all on their own. And last Saturday night they proved exactly why they’ve got everyones attention.

Opening up the show was Awful member Kiethcharles Spacebar. Often labelled as Awful’s resident spitter, it was a surprise to see him opening up with a DJ set. Yet he was able to get the crowd hyped up before seemingly moving into a live performance. Trippy but erratic, he bounced from one side of the stage to another performing the likes of “We’re All a Little” and “Always 1”. Keith has been tipped to be the next Awful member to blow up, and if this performance was any indication that very much looks like a possibility.

As Keith left the stage the Licen$e To Trill DJ’s kept the party going. Not long after Awful’s frosty queen Abra, took to the stage. Able to simultaneously come across as endearing yet with always the lingering feeling she could eat you up and spit you out. She translated this fixation perfectly to stage. With the crowd mesmerised by her every single move, cutting loose in front of us all it was a captivatingly honest performance. Dancing around to hits such as ‘Unwise’ and ‘I Guess’ off her debut EP ‘BLQ Velvet’, she had the whole crowd moving with her. Ending her set with ‘Roses’ she proved her live performance is utterly infectious as her music, and cemented herself as one of the most unique artists coming out of not just Awful but the whole of Atlanta.

The final performance came from the leader himself. Father is no longer on the fringes of the Atlanta rap scene, he’s now a house hold name. He was quick to remind people of his success, opening up with his viral hit ‘Wrist’ the crowd were instantly thrown into a frenzy. With two accomplished albums released already Father has a big catalog to choose from, able to cherry pick a number of tracks. Going through his first album ‘Young Hot Ebony’, tracks such as ‘Fake AF’ and ‘2 Dead 6 Wounded’ were given new life on stage. Able to switch up the pace he leaned towards his more solace songs, staggering around on stage to ‘Morena’ and ‘Why Can’t I Cry $$$’. Ending his set with the ever hostile yet catchy ‘Everybody in the Club Getting Shot’, the Awful chief showed why he’s in charge.

Throughout the night numerous DJ’s played the likes of Young Thug, Future, IloveMakonen and many other Atlanta natives. Whilst all working within their own fields and creating their own unique sound, you couldn’t help but feel the sound of Awful stood out from the crowd. The Awful trio of KeithCharles Spacebar, Abra and Father alone showcased an extensive range of talent worthy of a whole city, a testament to what Awful Records is capable of and how much more is to come.