How Wondagurl Got Eestbound High On Our Radar

Don’t worry if you’re reading this you’re not too late! Wondagurl has been coming through so fast it could make your head spin just trying to keep up.

Wondagurl has already been high on our radar when at just 16 years old, the wonder producer made waves with her beats for both Jay-Z ‘Crown’ and then went on to produce tracks for Drake – ‘Company’ and ‘Used To’. It’s only natural that now at 18 years old, producer Ebony “Wondagurl” Oshunrinde has added another notch on her belt with her contribution to Travi$ Scott’s ‘Rodeo’ and is set on building her own stable of new talent out of Toronto.

Inspired by Timbaland to go out and be a producer, Wondagurl is heading right where she needs too, and she’s got her eye on a Grammy too. With credits to her name, that already look like a ‘who’s who’ of Hip-Hop, although she’s gunning for a track with Kanye next, she’s also been firmly focused on nurturing the scene on her home turf as well.

Wondagurl featured

Wondagurl’s made Eestbound her first artist/signee, and together with her new recruit, they are the rising Toronto based producers making waves in hip-hop and creating beats outta the Brampton scene. Eestbound is Bryan Van Mierlo, a 19-year-old producer who’s teamed up with Wondagurl and together they put the beats behind Travis Scott’s ‘Antidote’ and Young Thug’s ‘Freaky’.

Introduced to Travi$ through Boi-1da, it was Wondagurl’s crucial connection that sowed the seed not only with Travi$ Scott on ‘Uptown’ but also became the connection that created that initial spark between Jay Z and Wondagurl.

As a duo, together Wondagurl and Eastbound are creating a sound that’s dark and it hits hard. There was never a certainty that the connection with Travi$ Scott would lead to a track on his ‘Rodeo’ album but the beats they sent were hard to resist. Travi$ didn’t confirm anything, he just dropped ‘Antidote’ a week later – and that confirmed it all.

Originally from the Netherlands, Eestbound has only been a native of Canada since 2011 but he’s worked his social media connections hard just to make the hits happen and made his own connection with Wondagurl.

They’re not a duo as such but they’re collaborating in a way that makes Eestbound and Wondagurl’s sound a powerful and distinctive combination. As well as making beats for new up-and-coming talent, Eestbound is also following in Wondagurl’s footsteps and gunning for that track with Drake on his next album.. and who knows what could happen next!

In the meantime check out his latest credits on a new track from experimental hip-hop-R&B vocalist Milly Manson also a Toronto native.

All eyes are on them now – they’re making new friends in many places and anyone who doesn’t know them yet needs to know them now.