How Yxng Bane Shows Off His #BaneWave

Catching the #BaneWave it’s refreshing, unpredictable & experimental.

Since Yxng Bane’s Cover Story on Nation of Billions last summer, the heat has most definitely been turned up. The ‘Fine Wine’ artist never shies away from the finer things. Just scroll through his gram, and his personal photographer kunography are showcasing exclusive fits day after day. From silk Gucci shirts to Raf Simons sneakers, Off-White, VLONE… the kid is never out of season.

Bane has taken the mantle from the greats and is slowly becoming the trendsetter of our time. As he builds his brand – music and beyond, I hit him up with some quick-fire questions on his style, how he chooses his drop for the occasion and what’s next for Baney Boy…


Describe your sound in three words…

Refreshing, Unpredictable & Experimental.

Describe your dress sense in three words…

Refreshing, Unpredictable & Experimental. (sic)

You clearly have a sense of style and an eye for luxury, from Gucci to Moschino, Alexander McQueen and Botega Venetta… how would you say your style reflects your music (vice versa)?

Probably, in its diversity, ambition and its attention to detail. I mean, the brands you’ve mentioned cover a broad spectrum like my music, from high-end sportswear, to high-end street wear… it’s like listening to Doubted Me, then Fine Wine

What are your favourite brands right now?

My favourite brand right now?! Probably Gucci. Their latest collection is more vibrant and youthful which has made them popular again to my generation and on a street level. Also a few VLone & Off White pieces have caught my eye too definitely… especially some of their recent collaborations with other brands. To be honest anything creative or experimental will always attract my attention from the high street to Bond Street.

Your favourite pair of kicks at the moment?

It’s gotta be a fresh pair of Nike White Air Forces Ones. Summers here, you can’t go wrong with white air forces, whatever you want to do with the outfit you choose. Topped off with white air forces, you’ll be alright!

How do you choose your fit on a daily basis? e.g. Dubai style vs. UK gig style – luxury vs. tracksuit

Firstly, the weather… the weather plays a huge part of course. You won’t catch me in shorts in the rain apart from when the UK summers catch me out lol…

Secondly the occasion. Is it formal? What will I be doing etc.

Lastly how I feel at the time really. You know we have our tracksuit days – you just wake up and you’re like “let me just do what I have to do today”, but then sometimes you wake up and whilst you’re getting ready you end up piecing together a sick outfit just to fleexxxxxx lol.

What’s next for Bane? 

The #BaneWave is coming soon! I’ve been working in and out of the studio, with different producers, flying all over the place for shows and experimenting and experiencing new things. I’m coming!

In the meantime, catch some of the #BaneWave on his latest collaboration with Yungen on ‘Bestie’ below;