I Like Ye’…But

I like Ye’…but this really isn’t the time to confuse entertainment issues with politics. Looking at the changing political landscape around the world, things are about to get bad…real bad.

I’ve heard most of the rants by Ye’, some I rated, some I thought were kind of unnecessary. I get that he ‘speaks from his soul’, but the recent rants are alarming considering what is happening right now. We are faced with a very real incoming sobering reality that will over shadow everything else. Certain issues are already starting to appear immediately irrelevant in the grand scheme of things…like award shows.

I like Ye’…but ‘Formation’ was better than ‘Famous’. The ‘Famous’ video gained attention, but it wasn’t for the people, it was more of a wank off for rich celebrities. Yeah yeah I know it’s art, but art is subjective, I don’t know anyone that rated it or related to the ‘Famous’ video’, but I know many people across different demographics, ages, genders, etc that felt empowered by the ‘Formation’ video, that felt it was a Michael Jackson moment, a cultural shift. Something exciting that moved the needle. Beyonce deserved that award, and any high profile artist would be missing from an award show unless they were picking up the key award including Ye’, Drake, Frank Ocean, etc.

I like Ye’ and Pablo was a dope album…but not everyone was feeling it the same way that I did. Because of his choice of distribution it wasn’t collectively received at the same time. I know people that didn’t listen to it purely because it wasn’t on Spotify. I know DJs that didn’t play it because it was digital stream only. Unless they had a direct hook up most DJs couldn’t get hold of the audio so it never got played like his previous material did. That isn’t anyone hating, holding back the music, or any kind of falsehood. The experimental restrictive access of the distribution meant that ‘The Life Of Pablo’ had a restricted launch.

‘Famous’ was cool…but it doesn’t stand next to Kanye’s previous work. DJs aren’t fighting to play it on air or in a club like his previous work. It’s not because of politics or radio hating, it’s just because it’s not connecting like his previous material did…it happens. Meanwhile Drake and Khaled’s does connect, it happens.

You can’t complain about ‘old ways’ like radio and MTV, but then berate the artists that don’t or because it doesn’t work for you this season. You can’t complain about music not ringing off because its not as well received…people aren’t going to like everything that is released by an artist. They’re not always going to embrace it like the debut or sophomore albums.

The fans decide what is hot, not the media or the internet. Fans of music discover, share, and demand to hear what they want regardless of any platform, medium, or award show. There is no blame, just a responsibility to move the global crowd in the most creative way possible.

Im writing this out of the deepest respect as a day one fan and DJ. There is no doubt that Kanye West is one of the greatest artists of our time, that he’s done some revolutionary uplifting things, but right now we need to hear that old Kanye.

I hear people say that he is ill, that he needs help, or that we’ve lost him to celebrity elitism…I’m not concerned by rumours or speculation, I know he is intelligent, coherent, and aware of his status. I know he is as conscious as Tupac, Talib Kweli, Cole, or Kendrick, and that’s the Ye’ the people need to hear right now.

I like Ye’…but now isn’t the time for the complaining about barometers of perceived success Kanye. I don’t want to hear the “get over racism” Kanye. Racism is still alive and they don’t be concealing it, they are about to bring it back bigger than ever before.

Now is the time to be responsible, to be woke…real woke. Educate yourself, use your voice, use your right to vote, write, support your community, be heard. Invest in your future, write down your dreams and aspirations, work towards them, make them happen. Now is the time to be ‘Stronger’, to be a champion and ‘turn tragedy to triumph’.