Ibeyi Cover Chet Baker’s ‘Moon & Sand’

While generations of jazz fans and new music aficionados line up in waiting for the forthcoming reissues and releases to circulate around the opening of ‘Miles Ahead‘, another jazz trumpeter is seeing a very French tribute dedicated to him, due for release soon.

Legendary jazz vocalist and trumpeter Chet Baker will be covered in a new album ‘Autour De Chet’ due to be released via Decca/Blue Note France, which includes a stunning cover with twin set Ibeyi lending their vocals to ‘Moon and Sand’ recorded with Benjamin Biolay on Trumpet (watch the video above).

Although we’re not really up on our French to gather together the full album details, we do know the album comes together as a carefully curated series of reworked covers of Chet Baker classic tracks. All sung in English by slew of French musicians including vocalists Yael Naim, Hugh Coltman, Sandra Nkaké, Charles Pasi, Ibeyi, José James, Camélia Jordana, Piers Faccini, Rosemary Standley, Elodie Frégé and others.

There’s little news yet about an international release yet – so here’s to hoping something will be in the mix soon enough.