Ice Kid Officially Returns With ‘A.T.M’

Whether you were watching Culture Clash on the live stream or were in the O2 Arena going crazy with everyone else, one of the standout moments of the night was an MC who stood in front of the Eskimo Dance stage, looked in Chip’s direction and energetically spraying bars from ‘My Yute’. I was looking at people asking, who’s that? Then Stylo G shout out “Ice Kid!” and thats when every Grime fan, in the place, went crazy.

Many of you may not understand the relevance of that moment. There was a time when he was the next to blow. Being introduced to most when Wiley brought protégés Chipmunk and Ice Kid, both 16 years old, on the Tim Westwood Radio 1 rap show. After the first couple of bars, the potential was seen early on. Unfortunately, the potential didn’t materialise and after a few freestyles and songs, Ice Kid disappeared from the Grime scene.

It now seems that Stylo G encouraged Ice Kid to return from his hiatus and following from his surprise performance in Culture Clash, he has released a new single and video via SBTV named ‘A.T.M’.

When I saw the tweet for the new video, I was a bit apprehensive about clicking the link. A lot has changed in the Grime world. The last time I heard Ice Kid on a beat, he was rapping on ‘No Church In The Wild’ for a Warm Up freestyle over 4 years ago. At that time, it seemed that Hip Hop was the route he was traveling on. But once again, before a solid foundation was built, he breezed from the scene.

“I ain’t gonna waste another day again on my couch”

There I was. Standing on a train platform anxiously waiting for the video of ‘A.T.M.’ to load on my phone. The first thing that hit me was, this is a Hip Hop beat. But this could also be considered as Grime as there is – there’s no strict law for the genre. Anyway, it didn’t matter because all I was interested in, is how he sounded and I just felt distracted by the production, it sounded like 16-bit sounds from a gameboy that was low on battery. Fortunately, Ice Kid’s bars broke through with confidence as he sprayed bars to show that he still knows how to rhyme. He didn’t allude to where he’s been or what he’s been up to in the track, instead, it was more of a generic feel to show that he can still put words together in long rhymes schemes that he was known for. Personally, I would’ve preferred a more personal song that told a story to bring his fans from many years ago, back up to speed.

Maybe this is a warm up. Maybe this is the fast spitting, backpack wearing MC dipping his toe back into the world that he’s been watching as an outsider for a while. Let’s hope he surrounds himself with a good team, comes back with something that describes his journey and attracts his previous fans while gaining new ones. Or, it may be this is just another track before Ice Kid goes back in his cryogenic chamber. Only time will tell.