Identity Matters In The Art Of Alex Gardner

More and more icons within Hip-Hop have found success not just in music, but have also discovered a penchant for collecting works of art. From Jay Z, Swizz Beatz, Kanye to A$AP, their eyes are certainly on different kinds of new and established artists.

As an avid art collector of work by Brooklyn based artists KAWS and Swoon, Swizz Beatz notably hit the headlines with the news that he’d been elected to the board of trustees at the Brooklyn Museum. Sure you need a pretty hefty bank account to become a collector, but it’s not about just having an eye for art it’s just as much about having a heart for art and once you’ve started that affair it’s a hard one to stop loving. All you need to do for Alex Gardner is bring yourself to the Dot Project in Chelsea, London.

Alex Gardner, a half African-American, half Japanese painter out of LA, is currently showing his work in London for the first time. As a new emerging artist, Alex as caught alot of eyes with his expressive figurative work, that’s minimally structured into a geometric landscape. Drawing influence from Renaissance painters and composed into gestured figurative work his paintings purposefully guide the eye through an ambiguous yet engaging narrative. Without specifically revealing the context, the mood and emotion is conveyed through the paintings, with anonymous figures depicting issues of identity. Gardner explores human nature and reoccurring themes such as desire, ethics and anxiety, which are often juxtaposed with the notion of leisure.

Alex Gardner

Skilfully painted and with an essence of romance, the art of Alex Gardner really reaches out and grabs you, with all his ideas coming from dislocated memories and a rich imagination. Alex Gardner is soon to be one of the most talked about emerging artists and his debut London show runs at The Dot Project an innovative arts space in Chelsea, from October 7 – November 20.