Igniting Fires With Maverick Sabre

How did a US West coast rapper like Tupac influence the mind of a 15 year old kid from County Wexford, Ireland? The kid would go on to become a successful singer/songwriter who would ignite his own fires, influence other artists, and share his own form of conscious lyricism across the world.

Maverick Sabre is a very dope artist, an amazing singer/songwriter. He’s only in his 20s, but he is one of those artists that has definitely walked the planet before. An ageing soul who knows how to channel emotions through his music, he can arrange and conduct musicians in a studio session or on stage with ease, but before all of this he was a rapper.

Like T-Pain and Aloe Blacc, Maverick Sabre is a ‘rapper turnt singer’ who couldn’t escape his Hip Hop roots if he wanted too. Raised on the psalms of Tupac and the raw energy of Dizzee Rascal, it was necessary to chop it up with my favourite Irish man about the most significant MCs right now.

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