Illangelo Mixes A Mosaic On ‘Your Future Is Not Mine’

Regular collaborator with The Weeknd and Grammy nominated producer Illangelo, takes on up and coming songstress Daisy Hamel-Buffa’s ultra-chill track ‘Your Future Is Not Mine’ and gives it a glitzy, future-sounding make over.

For those of you whose ears are continually primed, then you may recognise the original track from its feature in a recent Adidas short commercial. If you just take a look at the YouTube comments everyone (and their cat) is asking about the song to the promo, so by the looks of things it looks like Illangelo is tapping into something very hot indeed.

Illangelo adds an extra layer of vocals from fellow Canadian musician Joseph of Mercury, who provides a beautiful tone and crazy depth of musical range — from falsetto’s to bass creating a real sensual vibe to the ballad. A whizz at production, Illangelo transforms the track from a slow, haunting ballad, into a slow burning future-infused R&B track complete with added bass, synths and echoes throughout.

Not sure why, but this one has a real foreboding vibe to it, it’s eerie, but also at the same time strangely beautiful. This one is the first we’ve heard from Illangelo this year, and although it differs slightly from sounds we’re used to hearing from him, it’s still a dope musical mosaic.

Listen below: