Immortal Technique Kicks Knowledge

When Immortal Technique hit me up to say he was in town I had to connect immediately. I needed to speak to someone who had a very different, educated perspective on what is happening in the world today.

Tech is the Chuck D of this generation, a hard rhymer who edutains through his music. He is a scholar of the world, a walking library of knowledge past and present. In the era of ‘Turn Up’ and Zoolander Rap, Hip Hop fans have been starved of music of substance.

Very few artists leave me speechless in interviews and the sobering reality of Immortal Technique’s words did just that. There was constant jaw dropping moments, this was much more than an interview or a conversation. We talked on everything from Hip Hop in the White House to the rise of knife crime.

This is an important podcast, open your eyes, ears, and minds. Hear Immortal Technique kick knowledge for the Nation of Billions.

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