In The Web of Pell’s ‘Cafe Du Monde’ Video

It’s not an episode of ‘True Detective’ – but it’s something with the 1st series kinda intensity that wasn’t matched the 2nd time round. Pell’s got us feeling pretty amped on adrenaline after checking out his new video for ‘Café du Monde’ – and it’s pretty dark.

The claustrophobic intensity of the production and lyrics of the track, come to life with the twisted storyline, check out the video above, directed by Tyler Yee. “Café du Monde” is the first single from Pell’s album LIMBO, out November 6 on Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio’s Federal Prism.

Pell’s coming ‘somewhere between here and there’ and gives an exclusive insight to the story behind the album which you can unlock here – “When I was making the album, I wanted it to be something that spoke volumes to where I’m at as a person, and where I’m at as an artist”

LIMBO is available for preorder now and will be released on the 6th of November, but you can already get an instant download of ‘Café Du Monde’ from, or stream Pell’s hand-curated LIMBO playlist on Spotify here.