Innanet James Brings The Bounce On ‘Summer’

Maryland’s Innanet James is back. After releasing the energetic ‘Black’ back in July 2015, he’s returned, with some added bounce, with ‘Summer’.

Bringing the heat to the UK in the form of ‘Summer’, Innanet James, shows why, yet again, he’s certainly one to watch. Making an explosive debut with ‘Black’, Innanet James’ debut was confident, energetic and clearly laid out his vibe as an artist. ‘Black’ was and is such an impressive debut from Innanet James, not just because it had the bounce, but because it was proud, James rapped: “Oh I’m black and I’m proud, I’m black they can’t keep me down, I’m black and black with a smile” – not many artists are so racially confident and self-assured, especially at a time when the Baltimore race riots were happening not too far from James’ hometown.

‘Summer’, however, shows James has no thoughts of slowing down. ‘Summer’ is this bouncy, jazz infused track that just oozes this soulful goodness, again, James delivers his burst of energetic raps complete with his distinctive rapping style. With a burst of bright pastels in the artwork, ‘Summer’ is clearly one not only bringing the heat musically, but released just in time for the clock change here in the UK.

I don’t say this unless I mean it, but Innanet James is one to watch. Soak up the ‘Summer’ on this one below.