Innanet James Highlights America’s Race Realities In The Video To ‘Summer’

Maryland rapper Innanet James has been on our radar here for a while. His twang infused raps, distinctive delivery and celebration of being black (and everything great that comes with it) has been a frequent subject matter in his music, and his video for ‘Summer’ is no different.

Lifted from his debut EP ‘Quebec Place’, ‘Summer’ echoes what Innanet James did on his earlier release ‘Black’ – taking a joyous, upbeat song and packs it with energy and relevant subject matter. Telling the tale of two identical lives, one with Innanet James, a black man, the other a white man and the ways they navigate their lives in America. The tragic and harsh end to the video, reveals an all too familiar tale we’re now seeing daily on the TV in America. And while the summer months are meant to be months for fun, Innanet James’ final message on the video is clear: “We all deserve the same chance to make it home to our loved ones. Thank God I made it through summer

What Innanet James is continuing to do is not only make dope music, but highlight and tackle America’s racial divide and realities, and that’s what will continue to make Innanet James stand out. Hit play on ‘Summer’ above, and you can stream ‘Quebec Place’ in its entirety below, it’s pretty dope.