Introducing: Mac+1 & Ras Demo ‘Been There Done That’

The road is rocky but when you’ve been through the struggle, made it to the other side and you’ve heard it all before there’s only one thing to do – rewrite the rules.

So you might just think it’s another ‘buzz’ word, or you might just buy into the idea that there really is something about Mac+1 coining a new term for his sound – Nasty Rock. Mac+1 aka Mad Scientist is a DJ and producer who’s been in the game for a minute and done his ting with a string of remixes for Missy Elliot, Alicia Keys, N.E.R.D, Amy Winehouse, Labrinth and Angie Stone.

Coming up in the 90’s as a DJ, Mac+1 is ready to assert his own stamp on the music scene as a producer with his new track ‘Been There Done That’. Featuring Reggae artist Ras Demo aka Demolition Man riding raw over the fiercely live riddim, this is the first taster from the forthcoming 7 track EP.

Mac +1 is the eldest brother of nine siblings belonging to the musically steeped McKenzie family. Introducing his younger brother, UK artist LABRINTH, to music production during his childhood, Mac+1 has never been afraid to experiment with sounds and genres from an early age. Still riding this rocky road, nothing’s about to stop Mac+1 and Ras Demo, listen to ‘Been There Done That’ below;