Is A Kendrick x J.Cole Album In The Works?

Hardly new news but probably the longest awaited news is still the Kendrick Lamar x J Cole collab project which remains officially unconfirmed but we all hope is now looking closer to a reality.

They’ve been teasing this collab way back since 2012, and the rumour hasn’t died out with Twitter getting into a whole lotta frenzy each time there’s a hint this project could be real. Artwork for a collab project titled ‘Reminiscing’ surfaced on a fan account in September, sending the rumour mill yet again into overdrive. Putting all talk aside, when music drops everything stops.

‘Black Friday’ closed out with a double hitter freestyle from each MC with Cole over the instrumental to Kendrick’s ‘Alright’ and then Kendrick on J Cole’s ‘A Tale of 2 Citiez’ – and so naturally it all went off again this weekend. With a release date of Feb 16th leaked and subsequently deleted in an Instagram post, looks like 2016 could be the year this collaboration finally becomes a reality.