Choo Jackson Better Make More Money

After signing to Mac Miller’s label REMember Music, mixing with the wrong girls and going through the typical day-to-day bullshit, Choo Jackson had some things he had to get off his chest.

‘Search’ is an amazing track that Choo made in ‘like 5-minutes’, a track that gets me right at the start of every play. Choo opens up and gets personal about being lonely and unworthy: “Search is deep. I made it in like 5-minutes. I made it so quickly, and that’s how I know it was gonna have an impact, because it’s so honest. I wanna stay like that throughout my career. I always wanna be honest to myself and the people that listen, so when you see me out, you already know how I’m thinking. And when I’m old I can reflect – somewhat like a journal”.

He continues to elaborate: “I was going through some shit with girls, family and friends, you know – just real life stuff. A girl can hurt more than losing a friend that you hang out with everyday. There’s a trillion girls out there, but friends don’t come every day”.

If You Love‘ is another track that heavily stands out. Choo talks about falling out with his mum, how important his friends are to him and wanting to speak some wisdom to the kids: “My ultimate goal, though, is to give these kids something to live by and look up to, you know, help them realise you can do whatever. And as for girls and money, I’ve realised it’s not like money is the motivation, it’s just sometimes you wanna think about love and finding someone, otherwise you’ll be alone, and sometimes you’re like, ‘man, fuck it, I’m going to ball on these ni**as!’ – not with cash but just in spirit. Sometimes we forget to treat ourselves and have fun”.

The 25-year-old gets real and breaks it off with his girl on ‘Shit Is Over’. Admitting he’s fought some demons – a metaphor to say that’s exactly what she is.

Having worked on ‘Broken Hearts Make Money’ for two years, Choo is satisfied with the outcome. It couldn’t have dropped at a better time either, with Mac’s latest album ‘GO:OD AM’ dropping just two weeks later. The pair are now on tour together and Choo is confident this is the break he’s been looking for, admitting that the ‘train won’t stop now’.

“The co-sign happened around 3-years ago when Quentin Chandler, co-owner of Most Dope and REMember Music showed Mac one of my first solo tracks entitled ‘Karate Class’. Ever since then we’ve been homies and we support each other”.

With a co-sign from Mac Miller and Quentin ‘Q’ Chandler, Choo is most certainly one to watch. With more collaborations on the way from Mac and Choo, this could be the start of something immortal.

Listen to BHMM below: