Is Logic On A Mission Like A ‘Young Jesus’?

Logic’s channeling quite alot of Christopher NolanTarantino, Akira, Interstellar, Kubrick and Wes Anderson into his full Sci-Fi album flick but to kick-start the story, he’s keeping it old school with the first track from the album, ‘Young Jesus’.

‘The Incredible True Story’ is building up in true sci-fi style with a trailer and even a scheduled appearance at New York Comic Con, where Logic will be hosting a panel with voice-actor Steve Blum on October 10. It’s going to be a full on geek-fest digging into the intersection of music and anime culture and it’s influence on the making of Logic’s new album.

The cover, unveiled last week is true to the incredible story so far and features Logic in a spaceship with Kai and Thomas along with Bobby Campbell and 6ix. Illustrated by artist Sam Spratt, the cover depicts the “film’s” spacecraft, featuring Logic and all the characters from the story, Sam reveals “he really wanted to build a universe so I designed everything from the blueprints for the spaceship, space station, world design and concept art for an alien planet, the space suits, color palettes, art direction for the interior album typography and graphic design, all the way down to tiny minutia like the flight badge he wears.”

Logic revealed some background to the album concept on a Twitter Q&A, and we’ve learned that Logic and 6ix have produced the entire album together but unlike ‘Under Pressure’, the new album will have some features. There will be a sci-fi motion picture to accompany the album which in itself is going to be an “audio cinema”. The writing of the album was inspired by letting go of expectations of what’s cool and what’s not in hip hop, but don’t get it twisted the concept of the album and the music itself may not be inter-related.

The first track ‘Young Jesus’ features Big Lenbo with production credits by 6ix and brings back a 90’s hip-hop vibe so no its not a futuristic sci-fi interstellar mission…yet.