Is Mac Miller Advocating Anarchy On ‘Break The Law’?

‘Break The Law’ is the second single released from Mac Miller’s third, upcoming LP, ‘GO:OD AM’, and boy is he setting the bar high.

Mac recently declared via Twitter that he’s spent two and a half years curating the new album, whilst scrapping nine in the process; however judging by the first two singles, including ‘100 Grandkids’, the hard work and persistence is certainly paying off. As has his decisiveness to sign a major record deal, reportedly worth $10 million, for Warner Bros, shifting from his previous independent label, Rostrum Records.

The Pittsburgh rapper’s perceived progression on his new tracks is something that’s taking hold. The production is much richer and slicker and his rhymes haven’t dampened either, showcasing a light-hearted crudeness and playful punchlines like: “The best thing out of Pittsburgh since Clemente with the Pirates I tell them “shhh” this middle finger sign for silence”. The hook is also killer, advocating anarchy, as he chants: “Get money, fuck the system, break the law“. This is a significantly more energetic, focused Mac Miller – freshly blossomed attributes which seemingly coincide with his inevitable major label signing.

You can listen to ‘Break The Law’ on iTunes now and pre-order the album, ‘GO:OD AM’,  that’s due out September 18th, so support Mac and go cop that.