Is Mac Miller’s Star Rising On GO:OD AM?

In 2015, Mac Miller is one of a handful of respected white rappers in the game for 3 reasons: he’s genuine, obscenely hard working and can really rap. The Pittsburgh rapper has also proven he’s started from the bottom and worked his way up the Hip Hop totem pole independently by procuring a vast, loyal fan base.

Only recently has he signed a major record deal to Warner Bros for a reported $10 million. Not that he needed to reap the rewarding money benefits, having already rented out a mansion in LA and acquired his own reality TV show, ‘Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family’.

‘GO:OD AM’ is the 23 year olds 3rd studio album and his most mature yet. Since eradicating the amalgamation and seepage of his goofy tendencies that were present during his ‘Blue Slide Park’ days, Mac has morphed into an eloquent and profound artist, touching more and more on shady subjects such as drugs and depression.

The main thesis of Miller’s music has always been his love affair with weed, but as his success and fame have grown astronomically, so too has his experimentation with harder drugs and heavy drinking. ‘Perfect Circle/God Speed’ emulates this completely, as Mac slurs: “I wash these pills down with liquor and fall…Drunk as fuck, doing buck sixty on the freeway.” His drug referencing continues on the lyrically romantic ‘ROS’ stating: “Let’s eat some mushrooms then go to the circus.”

In a recent interview with Larry King, the most dope rapper admitted the album would be a departure from the “darker and sad” moments of ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’. This LP certainly encompasses various carefree, spacey tracks like ‘Jump’, ‘Clubhouse’ and ‘Weekend’ featuring luscious vocals from Miguel.

Stand out tracks include his first single ‘100 Grandkids’, placing a twist on Diddy’s ‘Bad Boys For Life’, ‘Break The Law’ where Mac advocates light-hearted anarchy and ‘Brand Name’, richly produced, allowing Miller to diversify his flow. We also hear Mac vaguely address his white rapper status in a skit at the start of, ‘In The Bag’; Domo Genesis pops up enthusiastically: “I know n***as think you white and you not bout to go in with these bars, my n***a, but that is not the truth. Word to God I take another shot of Hennessy if you don’t go in right now and meet your fate right now, bruh.” Genesis clearly expresses how he feels people doubt Mac’s ability as a rapper because of his race, a very pre-emptively harsh judgement to make.

Mac Miller may not have the best flow in the game, he may not have the best beats in the game, he may not be the best lyrically either, but his work ethic and dedication to Hip Hop is admirable. GO:OD AM is an upgrade and a breath of fresh air from the dejection of ‘Watching Movies’, taking us on a colourful trip into Mac’s eccentric mind through bold beats and honest storytelling. Miller is now an accomplished rapper, who is sure to be here for the long haul.