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Is Mura Masa Creating The Sound Of Tomorrow?

Alex Crossan hails from Brighton and you could be forgiven for not knowing this UK producer by his real name but he’s become one of the hottest new producers on the music scene – Alex is Mura Masa.

Mura Masa’s name is inspired from a personal obsession with Japanese culture and the legend of Muramasa the mythical sword-smith. At 17 years old, the German Indie label, Jakarta Records offered the budding producer a record deal, and at 18 he’d already released his first EP, ‘Soundtrack to a Death‘. Determined to ride with the momentum he’d already dropped his 2nd EP ‘Someday Somewhere’ months later triggering a bidding rush by major labels.

Mura Masa’s sound has evolved and expanded incredibly fast for a young up and coming producer and it’s probably safe to predict that he’s heading somewhere big. Someday Somewhere proved he’s capable of next level collaborations after bringing on a few London’s young talents Denai Moore, Nao and Jay Prince to his EP. Already supported by Rinse FM and BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Masa is also rumoured to be collaborating with Ed Sheeran and has aspirations to work with Lauren from CHVRCHES to Kendrick Lamar.

Comparisons to James Blake may jump out with the intro heartbeat on the first track of the EP ‘Are U There’ which resembles Blake’s ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ but any comparisons are premature once you go deeper. This EP is a stunning milieu of British music inclusive of it’s vast dimension of genres, from electronic, to R&B, to Grime to Eastern riffs, and Mura Masa has created a soundtrack of a SoundCloud generation. Amassing over 2 million play alone on his track ‘Firefly’ on his SoundCloud page, Mura Masa is the product of a Soundcloud born and bred artist evolving with his fans and building a dedicated following.

Mura Masa will be heading on his first U.K tour in October.