Isaiah Rashad Shows Off His Throwaway Bars On ‘I Mean’

Oh hi Isaiah Rashad. You’ve finally awoken from your musical hiatus-come-slumber and busy whetting our appetites with more of your musical goodness. Yay.

Upping the ante for the release of Free Lunch on 2nd September, Isaiah Rashad dropped the visuals for ‘Free Lunch’ and also put out ‘i mean’ on Soundcloud a couple of days ago. Produced by Black Metaphor, ‘i mean’ is filled with Rashad’s lyrical power, and he effortlessly glides over the smooth melodies and beats that power the track. Rashad is in his own lane, he’s confident, and this one almost comes across as a throwaway track. Whether this one will appear on the album or not is a different story, but it just shows that Rasahd is woke and coming, and you’re gonna have to pay attention.

Take a listen to ‘i mean’ below – you won’t regret it.