It’s a Good Time For Amir Obè

Can you get Drakes number? Well let’s face it Amir Obè can and there’s nothing surprising about how Amir Obe has somehow ended up swept up in the Toronto wave by way of Detroit and Brooklyn.

Amir Obè released ‘Detrooklyn’ a year ago while working with his collaborator and producer NYLZ, take a listen to the track ‘Jay-Z, Kanye, Esco‘ and you’ll get a picture of what his journey’s been so far “Cause Roc don’t want a meeting, Good don’t want no meeting, I’m good with meeting niggas, let my music do the speaking‘. For all intents and purposes it looked like he’d been moving in the right circles, met the right people he needed to get that deal but it didn’t click till his music spoke to Drake. When Drake shouted him out in Detroit, he got noticed fast and then there were production credits on Drake’s ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late for the track ‘Star67’ – and then the waiting began.

Now the questions have started about who Amir is actually affiliated with. PARTYNEXTDOOR took Amir Obe on the road for his tour, but it’s still not clear whether Amir is signed to OMO or OVO – either way something’s cooking. Drake’s OVO Sound Radio on Beats 1 is being watched hard for new tracks and new artists because basically it gets talked about and all over the internet. Last week episode 5 only featured 2 new tracks dropped during Oliver El-Khatib’s set – a remix by Drake of The Weeknd’s ‘Tell Your Friends’ and a new track by Amir Obe ‘I’m Good’.

‘I’m Good’ has now surfaced on SoundCloud and the Amir Obè collaboration with PARTYNEXTDOOR has production credits by Wondagurl alongside his frequent collaborator NYLZThere’s a new EP about to drop, so keep watching, enjoy the music and eventually we’ll find out more.