It’s All About The ‘Vibes’ When Cadenza And Allan Kingdom Link Up

Expect nothing but ‘Vibes’ when Semtex connects two rising dons from both sides of the channel to work on a track together. After his ARRIVAL debut headline, Allan Kingdom grabbed some studio time with Cadenza last year and the results were well nothing shorty of wavy.

Now dropping as Cadenza’s first official single of 2017, his new collaboration with Allan Kingdom is also featuring on Allan’s future album ‘Lines’, out next Friday 7th of April 2017. ‘Vibes’ gives a taster not only of Cadenza’s production prowess but Allan’s unique lyrical versatility (watch the animated video above). On the session, Cadenza explained how those vibes came about; “DJ Semtex introduced me to Allan when he came to London. We went to the studio and listened to beats for hours and wanted to capture the excitement of what we had going so he extended his trip. We recorded “Vibes” on the second night both knew we had something good cooking…”

Listen to the Hip Hop Raised Me Podcast with Allan Kingdom and DJ Semtex here, talking about Grime, the UK scene, Dave Chapelle and that Kanye West collaboration;

“At first I heard it, I remember when I was younger, off YouTube just watching freestyle videos and was like ‘man these dudes can really rap’. My perception on it now is it I feel like it got more evolved to the point that it’s so unique to London. Part of the disconnect from the other side was I feel, before there were artists that came out and it was more of a mimic of the US and Grime is the epitome of something raw that can only be created in that space. I feel like universally people feel that. You just feel it.. just the way it is here, like the vibe, the demographic of different cultures… like the Jamaican inflection on all of that, tied together is what makes Grime. All the genres that are put together like electronic, dub, and everything that’s mixed together is what makes it – and that’s like Hip Hop. That’s the thing that they share, they’re both true to where they come from. For me I’ve just grown more aware and I just continue as I travel, of all different types of music.”  

Candenza’s already racked up production credits and collaborations with a stream of rising UK artists from Loyle Carner, AJ Tracey, Jorja Smith, Avelino to Mabel, as well as on Rag ’n’ Bone Man’s debut album ‘Human’. Listen to ‘Vibes’ below;