It’s The Real, MIST Is ‘Hot Property’

Don’t underestimate just how much of a ‘Hot Property’ MIST is – that’s some real shit! MIST has jumped on the scene and made a Tsunami-sized wave in a short amount of time

Dropping his epic new visual for ‘Hot Property’, the MC is back with a banger. Directed by Oliver Jennings and filmed in Iceland, this is  exactly how gang business is handled when MIST is in the picture.

Headlining his first UK tour, MIST tickets are hot like sauna’s. 2017 promises to be a big breakout year for MIST, make no mistake he’s been one of the biggest success stories since late last year, stacking up those numbers across the UK’s streaming platforms. In a recent interview with Nation of Billions, Senior Editor at Spotify, Austin Daboh explained how the independent artist had hit the Rap Radar and started stacking up plays without any major label push;

“So what we noticed is that ‘Release Radar’ and ‘Discover Weekly’ were the first two places where the MIST EP appeared. It was shared so much just off those algorithmic playlist opportunities that it was given that it entered into the viral chart. We have an inhouse viral chart, at which point I was alerted and me and my team were alerted off of the success of that record in its first three or four days. Off the back of that we made a decision that we were gonna put it on our editorial human curated playlists and he’s now sitting at 6.8 millions streams since October last year, and he’s an independent artist who doesn’t have the same resources that a major label artist has.”

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