It’s Time To Fck With DVSN

This year has been a year mixed and marked by what had started to feel like the final murmurs of the long and painful demise of R&B. We asked is R&B is dead – and does anyone even care anymore?

Hell even Adele has taken to Rolling Stone to ask “I’m just f**king waiting for Frank f**king Ocean to come out with his album. It’s taking so f**king long.” So when was the last time we heard an unapologetically pure R&B album without a rapper in sight?

If it wasn’t for that stubborn Canadian camp, it’s possible to wonder if R&B could really be relegated to the realms of reminiscing. But something about the way that OVO Sound Radio has captured our attention probably points to more of what we’re missing rather than what we don’t want. R&B doesn’t need another modern alt-neo-remake – all we need now is something pure and bluesy.

First previewed on the OVO Radio show in Episode 7, Boi-1Da dropped ‘With Me‘ by DVSN in his guest mix. Next episode turned up two tracks from DVSN in Nineteen85’s mix and since then there’s been word that DVSN is a project/artist directly affiliated with Nineteen85 and OVO Sound. While the track had been available on iTunes for over 2 months with no promotion or build up, suddenly curiosity has started to perk up. Why? Because both Boi-1da and Nineteen85 have since, stepped up their push on DVSN, sparking the speculation about the identity behind the R&B crooner. Over the past week, the Twitter, SoundCloud and Instagram accounts have started to slowly come to life as we ready for the new picks for 2016.

DVSN right now is just made up of two tracks combined at 14 minutes of smooth as fck slow jams of the kind that reek of the 90’s glory days. For now when the nights close in and you need something to take away that chill, press play on ‘With Me’ and ‘The Line’ and get in the mood.