ItsNate Takes It To The SLocal Side Of Life

Slocal MC ItsNate has just dropped visuals for the track ‘Airheads’, from his double A Side: ‘We Can Let It Live But We Can’t Endorse’. The video is a mesmerising glimpse into the North London wordsmith’s lifestyle, directed by Cill Farrell, the capital has never looked so shiny.

Smooth and concise, Nate maturely assures us he’s on the ascent over slick K-Nite production. Including breathtaking aerial shots of London, and mood enhancing lighting, Nate has upped the production levels and done well to depict a different side of the London rap scene, just round the corner from the grime and road rap that’s dominating at the moment.

Whilst Nate’s influences maybe global, his use of language and the activities depicted in the video are very English. Nate can be seen playing pool with a few youngers and OGs from the London Scene, “I grab the Uber then Im switching lanes, Bossy never hits the breaks”. Nate’s display of prominent colloquialisms is a proud display of his locality as well as an examination of the lifestyle he leads: “I’m teaching them the tekkers, if she got the body she can tek it”.

Nate also mentions his SLOCAL brand, “I took my whole movement overseas,” a reference to the events ItsNate has been hosting all over Europe the past few years, in collaboration with London based artists such as CR Blacks, Chennessy & Illustrious One.

After seeing fairy lights draped round the video vixen Meliqua’s neck, juxtaposed with the twinkling lights of the Big Smoke, ItsNate is definitely getting his shine on with this latest offering. ‘Airheads’, is somewhat of a reintroduction to ItsNate, it’s good to see he’s doing well.