ITV2 Fresh Returns With Dropperz Mockumentary

A season of brand new comedy shorts returns to our screens as ITV2 Fresh supports BAME talent both in front of and behind the camera. This year will see a return from the scripted comedy All About The McKenzies which was an award-winning series that made waves on YouTube, a panel show with a comedic twist called Sorry, I Didn’t Know and a show that stretches the truth called What’s The Fact. But it was the Purple Geko produced Dropperz that caught my attention.

Earlier this year, Purple Geko, the award-winning independent London-based production company was responsible for delivering The Intent to our screens. Femi Oyeniran and Victor Adedodun will act as executive producers and Victor will share directing tasks with writer Ed Wiles. Having worked with Femi previously on City Lights which he wrote and directed, ITV2 Fresh stays true to its name and showcases the skill of talented individuals.

Dropperz will also see Femi and Adam Deacon collaborate once more. Working together on Anuvahood and both starring in Kidulthood, the BAFTA award winning actor will take the lead in this new mockumentary. Alongside actors Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Guz Khan, Alexis Caley and Venus vs Mars star Letitia Hector, the first episode will see a musical group get themselves into a situation full of silly high-spirited behaviour and mischief.

At Purple Geko we are committed to creating diverse scripted content and working with fresh talent – Femi Oyeniran

The collective have been described as a Grime music group and predictably that raised a few heads. Coupled with the fact that the TV genre ‘mockumentary’ is often tasked to satirise its subjects, social media has been weary about how Grime culture will be represented on screen. It seems that Purple Geko and Ed Wiles are aware of this and one could presume that the focus would not be on telling a story about Grime. Instead, it seems the focus will be more on how the death of the record label’s pet rabbit sets off a comedic chain of events that jeopardises the group from making their music video.

ITV2 Fresh has been commissioned by Entertainment Commissioning Editor Asif Zubairy. Asif Zubairy said: “We have four incredibly funny, edgy and innovative comedy and entertainment shows and are excited to be bringing these to the ITV2 audience. I’m thrilled that we are continuing our strong ties with BAME talent and offer a much-deserved platform for talent both on and the screen.

This is a great opportunity to have BAME communities engagement on a mainstream stage. Companies like Purple Geko are flying the flag for independent productions in the urban market. We all want representation on the big screens and supporting companies like these will open doors to many more talented people.

Dropperz will air on ITV2 on Wednesday 2nd November.