J Cole Previews K.O.D In London

Almost two years after the 2016 release of his album ‘4 Your Eyez Only’, on Monday night J Cole confirmed the arrival of his fifth studio album ‘K.O.D’ coming on Friday 20 April.

Straight on a flight after his first private preview at Gramercy Theatre in New York, J Cole gave fans just a few hours notice ahead of another album playback in London. Two of our own Cole stans, Alex and Sunjay trekked through rush hour and hit that queue for tickets, but only one made it in, Sunjay Kohli reported back;

Basically KOD stands for 3 things.

Kids on Drugs (referring to both the lil xan type rappers we here nowadays as well as the wider general public and are depeneices on addictions)

King Overdose (indulging in those not so good for you pleasures)

Kill Our Demons (facing up to these addictions and overcoming them)

The first few tracks he’s riding these trappy (lil whateva) type beats but kinda parring them on their own beat. It’s hard and you make that squinty face when you hear it. 

Then it goes into a more socio-focused section with some storytelling.

Then the final few are like the resolution – before the last track which serves as an “Intro for some other shit” as he put it.

Overall from what I could gather on first listen, I reckon a dope album, we’ll see properly on Friday.

Cole was on stage for about an hour, first giving a little 10 minute speech about how he came about making it, it took 13 days to make and was pretty much done before he started the Europe leg of his 4YEO tour, played the album in its entirety and was mining along to it.