J Hus Plays By His Own Rules

J Hus is one of the sickest MCs to emerge from the UK Rap game, he has own unique style, with a next level of audacity. He’s an important artist for the UK scene who has had his own share of dramas and setbacks over the last year, but he’s back on the scene and back on his grind.

He had the come back of the year at the Redbull Culture Clash, and since then Hus has literally lived in the studio. ‘Dem Boy Paigon’, ‘Lean and Bop’, and ‘Friendly’ are classics that still tear up any rave, but we have all been fiendishly waiting for new music.

Over the weekend Hus gave the fans 2 snippets from 2 different tracks and gave them the opportunity to choose the first track to drop from his recent J5 sessions. The people spoke and chose the very banging ‘Playing Sports’.