How J-Hus Hustles Hard

From Grime to Hip-Hop, from Reggae to Dancehall, from House to Afrobeats there’s a few East London collectives to watch out for who are vying to takeover the scene.

J.O.A.T Music Group is pushing a new slew of artists, and one of these artist’s J HUS, is quickly rising through the ranks with anthems like “Dem Boy Paigon”, “No Lie”, “Calling Me” plus recent features on Baseman’s “Everyday” and ‘Jugg‘.

Semtex caught up with J Hus at Wireless and asked Hus whether he expected ‘Lean and Bop’ get this big “I hoped it would be this big but it done really well, for it to be A-list on 1Xtra is a big thing for me”.

When asked what the ‘jugg’ means J Hus laughed “Everyone’s asking this question, but Jug is like, whatever you do, whatever job you have, whatever you’re doing, whether its radio, music whatever, its just about grinding, hustling, just going hard for what you want innit, thats what jugging is!”

This dope new artist has the lyrics, flow, melody and delivery distinct from anything else you’ve heard, threading the fine lines of Hip-Hop, Afrobeats and Grime.

Talking about the idea behind ‘Lean and Bop – “I just wanted to make something that everyone can just sing along to, with a different vibe, so its a dance that me and my friends made up and then we made a video and put it out there.”

After this Newham rapper, dropped the infectious ‘Lean & Bop’ we’ve been waiting to see what’s next for J Hus and he’s arrived with his first mixtape The 15th Day featuring guests from the likes of Deepee of Section Boyz, Fekky and Mista Silva. 

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