J-Sol & Paigey Cakey Flip The Script With ‘Changes’

Growing up has it challenges. Entering into the world of adolescence and going through secondary school can be one of the toughest times of our lives. Trying to find people who you can form alliances with can be a difficult challenge. So putting your trust into someone who can help you get through the average school day is important. The real problems arise when the people you call your friends let you down resulting in a skewed view of the world where instead you learn to separate yourself from people who be faking.

J-Sol & Paigey Cakey collaborate to encapsulate those feelings into their new song ‘Changes’. A soulful showcase of how some peoples characters can shift for the worst, creating rifts in relationships that make it harder to trust anyone again.

Changing like the seasons / I guess you had your reasons / I know better now not to trust a smile ’cause looks can be deceiving

‘Changes’ sees Paigey Cakey take her singing to another level, proving she’s ready to put a different focus on her vocals alongside J-Sol whose talent shines on this smooth banger. Produced with a sonically airy R&B sound, the bassline bumps until the end which is heightened further with a guitar solo.

The element that really makes this song resonate is the video which premiered earlier on the Link UP TV channel. The title has short film in the title and I can understand why. ‘Changes’ fits more as the soundtrack to this short film than the visuals to a music video. The scenes, the grading and editing are executed to a high level, letting the music resonate even more with the listener. The actors convincingly tell parallel stories of the struggles encountered at school and at home. Short films like this that go a step further in putting the spotlight on bullying and domestic violence are an important step to starting a dialogue that can lead to changes for the better.

J-Sol & Paigey Cakey have not only produced a beautiful song but created a story that others can learn from.

You can buy J-Sol’s EP on iTunes and stream it on Apple Music and Spotify