Jack & Max Get Reflective on #MoreLife

While police brutality may not be at the forefront of most UK artists minds, for some it is. Duo, Jack & Max tackle this head on in their latest single ‘#MoreLife’.

Fueled by emotions, in response to rising racial tensions and unrest on all sides of the world, Jack & Max get contemplative about the adversity faced across the world. Nonetheless, there is hope in-spite of all the bullshit, with the #MoreLife refrain used in the track. Mixing hazy hip-hop production with slices of melodic R&B, ‘#MoreLife’ ends on a snippet from the late Guyanese poet Ras Michael which perfectly sums up the track and its message.

While Jack & Max are getting ready for their full length project, ‘Sprite No Ice’ set for release later this year, #MoreLife shows a complete different side to the pair. Take a listen below.